Sowing seeds of faith, hope and love one plot at a time
Sowing seeds of faith, hope and love one plot at a time

Worthy of Love


Widower Daniel Gallagher’s life is a façade. Most people know him as a high-school art teacher but very few realize he moonlights as the world-renowned artist David Benjamin. Or, that he enjoys scaring a few years off people’s lives when he portrays a living bronze statue. Or, that his wife was pregnant with another man's child at the time of her death.

So when his private-investigator friend, in an attempt to pull Daniel from his grief, asks him to do a little P.I. work in the artsy community on Victory Island, Daniel accepts. His mission is to monitor the spending habits of Emma Wagner who is accused of stealing the family fortune. He is certain however, his job description doesn’t include falling in love with the young heiress. But he does so anyway.

Having endured the fallout of her father's illegal Ponzi scheme, Emma wants a man who is honest to a fault. And she's beginning to believe Daniel Gallagher is the one--until she realizes everything she knows about him is a lie. 

Will Daniel, with God’s help, be able to convince Emma she is worthy of the truth? Even more so--that he's worthy of her love.

Jennie Atkins

  • Mother, grandmother
  • Author
  • Avid gardener
  • Enjoys sewing, music, and long rides on her bicycle
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